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The Big Hang-Up Quiz

 Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

1. Do you check your phone first thing in the morning?

2. Do you check your phone at the first sign on an idle moment? (At a stop light, in a doctor’s waiting room, or in line to order food or coffee?)

3. Do you panic when your cell phone is misplaced, out of reach, or there’s no WIFI?

4. Do you have to ask people (a spouse, child, or significant other) to repeat themselves because you were paying attention to your phone and not them?

5. Do you look at your phone every time it pings?

6. Do you check your phone (i.e. depress the home button) out of habit every 10-15 minutes, regardless of whether or not you received a “ping” notification?

7. Have you ever texted while driving?

8. Have you ever picked up your phone to do something and found yourself derailed by another message or notification only to find yourself, minutes later, trying to remember why you’d picked up the phone in the first place?

9. Have you ever interrupted a task (a conversation with friends, a work project, helping a child with homework, cooking dinner, etc.) to address a text or email notification on your phone?

10. Do the messages and/or notifications you receive (texts, emails, social media feeds, reminders, etc.) feel like a burden or task that must be tended to in addition to other daily responsibilities?

11. Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the quantity of texts, emails, and notifications you receive in a day’s time?

12. Do you wish you could be more mindful and more engaged in your daily activities? 

If you answered, “Yes” to:

0-2= Namaste to you!

3-5= Not bad. Everything in moderation, right?

6-9= Might be time for an intervention. . . Just sayin’.

10-12= You should consult a surgeon to have the phone permanently removed.

In all seriousness, if you answered yes to 6 or more of these questions, it is reasonable to further examine whether or not your use (or over use) of the phone is having a negative impact on your work-life balance and general well-being.*

*Disclaimer: This survey is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only and has not been scientifically validated, nor should it be used to make a medical or psychiatric diagnosis. If you think you may have a Smartphone addiction, you should consult with a mental health/addiction professional or your doctor. 

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